About our company - What can we do for you?

We are very happy that you have visited our online shop , if you are interested in buying one of our products please let us tell you a few words about our business.

We have established our company in the beginning of 2016 , we run a small family business within such a big world of competitive market.

Professional Consulting

Our aim is to keep our customers 100% happy - buy from us.

Fast delivery

We are ready to complete your order and deliver it to you as fast.

Secure shopping

Paypal Payments. Shop with peace of mind, we protect your purchases.


High quality at the best price - we provide product warranty.

As first we have been started to sell on Ebay platform, then after successful interest of e-buyers we have open online shop. We do also sell on Amazon.

We sell only small kitchen appliances of best reputable brands available on the market, we're cooperating with manufacturers in Europe.

All of our products are 100% genuine, within original packaging and all comes with manufacturers warranty.

If you are interested to check our reviews from those platforms please click here.


Below here we are answering your most frequent questions.

1. Is purchasing in our shop safe?

Yes it is ! All information about you payment/s are secured by our payment partners. We don't keep records of any used credit cards , we don't have access to it. We only accept payments through bets secured services available in UK; PayPal, Google Pay and Shopify Payments.

The sink-tap.co.uk website is secured by SSL certificate.

2. Are we based and registered in UK ?

Yes we are based within UK, West Lothian with a valid Vat number

3. Do you provide Vat invoices.

Yes we are providing you with a Vat invoice into your email address with every single purchase on our website. The invoice is created just after when you finalize your purchase .

4. Why do I have to wait for an item up to 14 working days.

Yes sometimes it happens, not necessarily 14 days , usually much less . As mentioned before we are a small family business, and are improving all the time Our goal is to have all available products in stock , so the delivery would take a day or two only, but the variety of kitchen appliances is enormous so we physically can't have all in. Whenever it happens, when we don't have something in, we getting it especially for you straight from manufacturer. If you want to know exactly how long will take a delivery to you we are here to answer all you queries . Don't hesitate to contact us.

5. Why you products are cheaper than in others shops.

At first, to establish the price we have to look for few things. Which platform is it, ebay or Amazon prices are more expensive as obviously those platforms are charging extra fees from each sell. On our internet website, we don't have any of extra fee to pay to someone so we can keep our prices less than on other platforms.

The other thing is we are based online , we don't have show room so the same time we save on spending cost on employees , on retail shop etc.

6. Can I return the item back?

Yes you can ! You can obviously return your item within 14days from the date of receiving your item. If you like to see more information about return policy.