Franke Armonia AMX 110-34  Undermount Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel
Franke Armonia AMX 110-34  Undermount Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel

Franke Armonia AMX 110-34 Undermount Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel

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Armonia AMX 110-34 
Dimensions: 369mm x 429mm x 190mm
Colour/finish: Silver/Silk
Cut Out Size: According to a template 
Big Bowl Size: 340mm x 400mm x 190mm
Small Bowl Size: -
Cabinet size: 450mm
Type: Undermount
Tap holes: No
Material: Stainless steel
Drainer: No
Weight 3kg
Number of bowls 1
Warranty 15 years
Manufacturer: Franke
Made in: EU
Included: Waste&Overflow, Sink fitting clips, Cut out template, Basket strainer 



Franke stainless steel sinks are made from premium quality chrome nickel steel, which looks stunningly beautiful, is highly resistant to staining, rust and corrosion - plus it won't chip, craze, flake or break.

Cleaning Tips

Discolouration and most marks on stainless steel are caused by water-borne deposits clinging to its surface. They are always the result of an outside source rather than coming from the steel itself. Such stains are often seen as a “rainbow-effect” and can be avoided completely by removing wet cleaning aids (cloths, containers etc.) from the sink after use so as to avoid watermarking and rust stains.

One of the best ways to care for the sink is to clean it with a product called ‘Shiny Sinks’ (available from most major supermarkets) which can be used daily. It is helpful to dry the sink thoroughly after cleaning.


The surface scratches which appear on stainless steel sinks rarely have any appreciable depth and will become less noticeable with age. A stainless steel sink will develop a patina with time and will look better a year after installation than during the first few months of use due to the fact that the scratching will have evened out. All sinks manufactured in stainless steel perform in exactly the same way in this respect be they Franke’s manufacture or by a competitor.

We recommend the use of ‘Shiny Sinks’ which is available from large supermarkets or good hardware stores and when used regularly will assist in maintaining your sink. We would point out that the use of a plastic washing up bowl will over time cause the development of regular abrasion marks over the sink's surface.